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About Softball

Softball is an Olympic discipline. It is a competitive outdoor sport. Softball is a form of baseball that is played nine to a side on a smaller playing field

Traditional softball is played on turf with a dirt infield & The game of Softball is played between two teams. The playing field is diamond-shaped & the playing surface is similar to the Baseball playing area, with home, first, second, and third bases. Home base is at least 46 feet from the pitcher's mound for men, and 40 feet for women. The bases are each 60 feet apart. The infield consists of a catcher, a pitcher, three basemen, and a shortstop. The outfield consists of a player in left field, center field, and right field.

In softball the batters try to hit the ball out of the ground without allowing the fielders to catch the ball. The two teams take turn in defending and attacking. Both the teams have to play a minimum of 7 innings. The objective of the attacking team is to hit the ball with the bat and score runs and the object of the defending team is to get the batters out. The Pitchers throw the ball (Pitches the ball) at the batter. A softball is pitched underhand. Each team is allowed three "outs" while at bat; an out occurs on the third strike, when the batter "bunts" (taps the ball without swinging) a foul ball after the second strike, or when a foul ball is caught before it touches the ground. Upon three strikes, the teams exchange positions i.e. the other team gets chance for batting. The game of Softball has 3 variants which are—Slow Pitch, Fast Pitch, and Modified Pitch.