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Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament

For more than a single reason, Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament (AJMST) has been a grand success over the last three years. Senior players, officials and our well wishers come together and join hands to support our orgnaising commitee and the tournament is conducted with great spirit. It gives us a firm belief in our self and builds our confidence to organize AJMST successfully.

We decided to name the tournament " Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament" as a tribute to our dear friend Late Amit Joshi, who was enthusiastic, supportive and an excellent Softball player.

AJMST - Living the Dream

AJMST has been a dream come true. Its getting bigger & better with each successive year. Softball Passion, excitement and sheer dedication has helped us organize AJMST successfully each passing year. Its remarkable that AJMST has created a Mark in the softball community of India.

Some of the highlights of the past few years are:

  • Players participating from all over India
  • Trophies & Cash prizes for all Winning teams along with individual awards
  • Sofatball Matches under flood lights for 1st time in india
  • Live Coverage of all matches
  • Recognition from PDSA, MSSA and ISA
  • Camps and Workshops for up coming players
  • Fully fenced Softball field with a 30 feet tall fence at the homer line
  • The management of AJMST ensures conduction of AJMST by the best officials in the country
  • Every year demands are over flowing from new teams to participate in AJMST