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History of Indian Softball

In the year 1944 and 1945 some of the boys played Softball Game with AMERICAN ARMY stationed in Jodhpur during second world war . The Father of Indian soft ball Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta was one of them ,later he and his friends started playing Softball regularly.

First time this game was started in Rajasthan and after that spread throughout the Country, Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta formed SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA on 21st Nov 1961 under the noble guidance of Dr. L.M.Singhavi, Mr. Anand Singh Kachawa, Mr. Madanlal Pungalia, Mr. K.D. Gautam and valued support of their good friends. The International Softball Federation organized the first World Softball Championship (women) in Australia in 1965. the members of International Softball federation agreed to visit India on way after world championship. The American team visited India at Calcutta in March, 1965 and played Softball Exhibition Game with Indian Team which proved boon for us to develop softball game in country and to publish our own Rules Book.

     In 1965 the first rule book on softball game was published in country to promote softball game in different states and in the year 1967 first National softball championship for men and Women was organized at jodhpur, Teams from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan participated in this event.

In the year 1973 the Softball Association of India was recognized by All India Council of Sports. Indian teams began to participate in the Asian Championships for men and women. Since the days of humble beginnings in Rajasthan the Softball as a game in India has become a name to reckon with and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Softball and Pune

Softball as we all know is the game of passion, perfection, power, discipline, spirit, accuracy and last but not the least teamwork. A swing and a miss by the batter will lead to strike or a ball, but a perfect connect at the core of the slugger, earns you a homer !!!

Softball and Pune have been together for over 42 years. All these years we have witnessed a significant uplift in the outlook towards the sport. From a local area to a global presence, Softball in Pune has seen it all.

Pune city Softball has always believed quality over quantity and yet it still has over thousand players who have reprensted their schools, colleges, clubs, zone, district, state and nation. The percentage of quality players in the country has always seen Pune Softball players to be one of the best in the sport.